Bloomberg Businessweek Spent About 3.5 Minutes Introducing Grandsun

2019-06-26 14:22:00

The Bloomberg Business Week made a video about the future of People’s Republic of China, and one of the most representative cities is Shenzhen, which shows the whole world what China has changed and How it looks now.

Why is Shenzhen? The answer is not hard to get. Shenzhen owns lots of good enterprises which contribute its fast developing, and one of them is Grandsun.

The Bloomberg spent three and a half minutes to introduce Grandsun: the beautiful industrial park, the clean workshop, the canteens, diligent Grandsun staff and the high-end smart headphones. Grandsun was founded in 1997 and now is 22 years old. It is a company with the spirit of diligence, hardworking, continuous learning and quality oriented, which is truly the miniature of Shenzhen……

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