Sustainable Development

Park greening rate of 68%

GrandSun Electronic Green low-carbon park was awarded  the Certificate of “Shenzhen  top 10 Green Low-carbon cases in 2023”issued  By the 28th conference of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Use clean energy

The dormitory adopts the solar heating system, builds the photovoltaic power generation system.

Sets up the new energy charge pile, and booster   carbon neutralization.

Industrial wastewater zero discharge

Construct wastewater treatment facilities

Industrial water recycling to achieve zero emissions


Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions

Building energy management system and promoting reduction of greenhouse gas emission through carbon verification.

Energy Management Policy: energy conservation, green production; constant improvement, continuous improvement.

Biodiversity Conservation

Guand Sun electronic green low-carbon park is not only surrounded by green plants, but also a paradise of flowers.

Environmental Protection involves into business

The concept of environmental protection will be integrated into the GrandSun office environment product design, and management Institution.

Carbon Platform Management

Through AI intelligent management, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, booster the construction of low-carbon park.

Enviromental system structure

develop environmental management system continuely ,protect the environment and protect our mountains and rivers.

Environmental Management Policy: comply with laws and regulations, full participation; prevent pollution, clean production; energy conservation and emission reduction, continuous improvement.