Sustainable Development

ESG policy

ScientificgovernanceContinue to improve the corporate governance structure, improve the level of corporate governance, comply with the code of Business Ethics, establish trust relations with all stakeholders, enhance the company's long-term value, and pursue sustainable development and business model.

Green and low-carbonImplement the national dual-carbon development strategy, promote a green low-carbon transition, reduce waste and increase efficiency, promote green products and services, help to achieve scientific carbon targets, and seize opportunities for clean technology, promote the green and low-carbon development of the whole industry and society.

Harmonious healthCreate a harmonious workplace, respect the human rights of all employees, establish smooth communication channels, and continue to improve the democratic management system, to provide employees with diversified development paths and a sound occupational health and safety management System, to create a harmonious and democratic, safe and comfortable working environment.

Responsiable purchasingKeep a bengin relationship of mutual benefit ,win-win and common development with suppliers, establish a perfect social responsibility management system of supply chain,build a green and responsible value chain,and construct a sustainable future together.

ESG management architecture

ESG governance responsibilities of the Board-level for underlying exchanges and GRI indicators include mainly, but are not limited to:

● Identify and meansure ESG risks and opportunities

● Participater in the indentification of ESG substantive issues

● Develop ESG management policies,strategies and objectives

● monitor ESG performance regularly and progress towards ESG goals

● define the scope of ESG reports and review the information disclosed in ESG reports